Session Update: February 27, 2023

And that’s a wrap. Sort of. In what has become a familiar story, the General Assembly did not finish its business within the six weeks it was supposed to. While we adjourned “Sine Die” Saturday evening, we have significant issues still to decide, including–most importantly–the budget. So at some point–hopefully soon–I’ll be headed back to […]

Session Update: February 17, 2023

It’s been quite a week. After crossover, the House hears all of the bills that passed the Senate. Some are similar or even identical to bills that have already passed the House. Others, however, are very different from the House version, or raise new issues. It has been an unusual year post-crossover. Given the partisan […]

Session Update: February 10, 2023

Tuesday was crossover. In the span of 36 hours the House of Delegates passed more than 200 bills. Some were unanimous and uncontentious, showing that we still can find common ground and govern our state on a bipartisan basis. On the other hand, there was a slew of bills that were hotly contested, triggering extended […]

Session Update: February 4, 2023

The week before crossover is always frenetic. And this one certainly was. The week started with a hearing on my HB1582, a bill to compensate Mr. David Kingrea for his wrongful conviction and incarceration for a crime he did not commit. Like the stories of numerous (too numerous) individuals for whom I have done this before, […]

Session Update: January 28, 2023

Another week in the books. As crossover approaches on February 7, my team and I are working hard. This week was dominated by spirited debate on issues ranging from EVs in Virginia to what our children can or cannot read in schools.  On Wednesday, I spoke on the House floor against HB1378, which would repeal the clean […]

Session Update: January 20, 2023

Another week in the books. This week was as busy as the first. On Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the House Democratic Caucus held a press conference unveiling our gun violence prevention agenda. It consists of a series of 17 bills, which provide solutions designed to keep Virginia families safe from gun violence.  You […]

Session Update: January 13, 2023

And…. we’re off! The first week of a General Assembly session is always very busy. Especially during a short session, since we will accomplish more in the next six weeks than some other state legislatures accomplish in two years. The velocity is remarkable. Before the session started, I held a press conference on Tuesday with […]

Sen. McClellan, Sen. Deeds, Del. Ware, Del. Sullivan Announce Bipartisan Affordable Energy Act

Legislation aims to address Virginia’s energy burden crisis by restoring SCC authority Richmond — Democratic Senators Jennifer McClellan and Creigh Deeds joined Republican Delegate Lee Ware and Democratic Delegate Rip Sullivan today in announcing the Affordable Energy Act (House Bill 1604), legislation that seeks to address rising electricity bills in Virginia. Speaking from the General […]

Roanoke Times Editorial: Bipartisan consensus on solar encouraging

Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s energy plan makes solar farms and wind farms sound like a threat to the availability of the commonwealth’s diminishing supply of farmable and developable land. That document rants against the Virginia Clean Economy Act of 2020, legislation passed when Democrats controlled the governor’s office and the General Assembly, which for the sake […]

Rip Sullivan: Youngkin’s energy plan would set Virginia back

Richmond Times-Dispatch Column: Oh, to have been a fly on the wall. I would have enjoyed watching Gov. Glenn Youngkin labor over what words to use in his energy plan that wouldn’t enrage the climate deniers he cannot cross as he considers a run for president. The words “clean energy” are in there — they […]