Sun Gazette: Del. Sullivan losing Arlington but will remain its’ legislative friend

Del. Rip Sullivan speaks at an earlier McLean Chamber of Commerce forum, with Del. Kathleen Murphy behind him. Due to redistricting, Sullivan and Murphy are now living in the same House of Delegates district. (File photo by Brian Trompeter) ​He’s been redistricted out of Arlington, but Del. Rip Sullivan said he will always consider the […]

2022 Session: Week Eight

Who’s the Snowflake Now? Governor Youngkin’s effort to rid our K-12 classrooms of what he calls “divisive concepts” has been one of the most controversial topics of this session. When he says, “don’t focus on race” he means “don’t even talk about race.” When he says out of one side of his mouth that our teachers are heroes, and […]

Republicans kill legislation establishing Virginia’s legal marijuana marketplace

Richmond, VA – This morning, House Republicans in a General Laws subcommittee chose to take no action on critical legislation that would have put a stop to the illicit marijuana market and established the legal marketplace. They were handed a plan and failed to act on what Speaker Gilbert referred to as a “live grenade…rolling around.” […]

2022 Session: Week Seven

Ukraine We don’t do foreign policy in the General Assembly. That is not our job. Our responsibility is the Commonwealth of Virginia. But the bubble we sometimes find ourselves in here in Richmond surely cannot –and should not– blind us to what is happening elsewhere. As my mother would say: “We are all citizens of […]

2022 Session: Week Six

A Rocky StartIt is no secret that Governor Youngkin’s administration is off to a rocky start. According to a poll from the Wason Center for Civic Leadership at Christopher Newport University (CNU), Virginia voters disagree with Governor Youngkin on several significant issues and are more negative than positive about his performance as our new Governor. […]

House Democrats highlight their successes at Crossover

RICHMOND, VA – Today, as the General Assembly moves into the second phase of the legislative session, House Democrats highlighted their many successes while contrasting with the failures of their Republican colleagues.“House Democrats have been hard at work over the last month passing meaningful legislation,” said DemocraticLeader Eileen Filler-Corn. “While Democrats have been focused on moving […]

House GOP votes against the teaching of nearly a dozen historical events and figures

During late night session, House Democrats introduce 10 floor amendments that would have protected the teaching of important history from attack under the ambiguous label of “divisive concepts”RICHMOND, VA – Last night, House Republicans voted to kill nearly a dozen floor amendments to HB 787 offered by Delegates Schuyler VanValkenburg, Dan Helmer, Clint Jenkins, Kathy Tran, Don Scott, […]

2022 Session: Week Five

We’re at the Midpoint It was a frustrating week. While we knew it was coming, it was nevertheless frustrating when the Republican controlled House began this week by passing a slew of bills trying to reverse the great progress we have made as a Commonwealth over the last two years. During a lengthy floor session […]

2022 Session: Week Four

We careen toward Crossover…  An update on a few of my bills:  On Wednesday my HB 351 passed in the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources (ACRN) subcommittee. This is the bill that will accelerate the growth of electric vehicle charging stations across Virginia. Members from both sides of the aisle recognize that the future of transportation […]