Roanoke Times Editorial: Bipartisan consensus on solar encouraging

Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s energy plan makes solar farms and wind farms sound like a threat to the availability of the commonwealth’s diminishing supply of farmable and developable land. That document rants against the Virginia Clean Economy Act of 2020, legislation passed when Democrats controlled the governor’s office and the General Assembly, which for the sake […]

Rip Sullivan: Youngkin’s energy plan would set Virginia back

Richmond Times-Dispatch Column: Oh, to have been a fly on the wall. I would have enjoyed watching Gov. Glenn Youngkin labor over what words to use in his energy plan that wouldn’t enrage the climate deniers he cannot cross as he considers a run for president. The words “clean energy” are in there — they […]

Richmond Times Dispatch: No, electric vehicles aren’t a threat to Virginians

By DEL. RIP SULLIVAN and DEL. LAMONT BAGBY To hear Gov. Glenn Youngkin (“ludicrous”) or House Speaker Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah, (“dumb, dangerous and expensive”) on the subject of electric vehicles, you’d conclude EVs represent a terrible threat to Virginians. But you — like they — would be wrong. The automotive industry is quickly going electric […]

Virginia Business: Electric vehicle infrastructure buildout gathers power

Virginia Del. Richard “Rip” Sullivan Jr. is one of the General Assembly’s biggest advocates for electric vehicles. But when the Fairfax County Democrat went to buy a car in 2018, he started feeling anxious about the electric cars on offer — particularly their relatively limited range, given the lack of electric vehicle (EV) chargers in […]

Republicans kill legislation establishing Virginia’s legal marijuana marketplace

Richmond, VA – This morning, House Republicans in a General Laws subcommittee chose to take no action on critical legislation that would have put a stop to the illicit marijuana market and established the legal marketplace. They were handed a plan and failed to act on what Speaker Gilbert referred to as a “live grenade…rolling around.” […]

House Democrats highlight their successes at Crossover

RICHMOND, VA – Today, as the General Assembly moves into the second phase of the legislative session, House Democrats highlighted their many successes while contrasting with the failures of their Republican colleagues.“House Democrats have been hard at work over the last month passing meaningful legislation,” said DemocraticLeader Eileen Filler-Corn. “While Democrats have been focused on moving […]

House GOP votes against the teaching of nearly a dozen historical events and figures

During late night session, House Democrats introduce 10 floor amendments that would have protected the teaching of important history from attack under the ambiguous label of “divisive concepts”RICHMOND, VA – Last night, House Republicans voted to kill nearly a dozen floor amendments to HB 787 offered by Delegates Schuyler VanValkenburg, Dan Helmer, Clint Jenkins, Kathy Tran, Don Scott, […]